Water Polo History

This interesting game was originated in England way back in the late 18th Century. The sport gained popularity in the United States and now is considered as ONE OF THE MOST PLAYED GAMES.

Earlier, water polo was mainly played between competitive club teams. However, with the gain in popularity, many colleges in US also compete with each other in this game. Water Polo collegiate championships are a common thing in todays time.

Importance of Water Polo

Water Polo has been so famous that since 1900 it has made a mark in mens Olympic event. A thousand years later in the year 2000, Water Polo was introduced as event in Olympics.

Water Polo is an interesting game that has multiple facets. Water Polo has been designed keeping in mind features of Football, Soccer, and basketball. Water Polo is one of the most interesting and challenging game across the World.

Basics about Water Polo

The main objective of water polo is to handle the polo ball by using head, hand or feet. The ball need to be maneuvered to the two nets located on 2 sides of the pool.

The game is placed between two teams. Each should comprise 7 players amongst whom 1 should be a goalie. Only 1 hand should be used in order to pass or advance the ball and not both hands, the player cannot touch the sides or bottom of the pool where water polo is being played.

Left wing, Whole Set, Right Wing, Left Flat, Point and Right Flat are a few of the positions in Water Polo.

Using defensive measures are allowed to a certain permit. Like it is allowed to hold another player underwater as a defense technique. This technique is known as ducking.

The entire game of Water Polo is divided into 4 quarters

Each set lasts about 4 to minutes depending on the league and capacity of the players

Though WATER POLO is known as THE HARDEST GAME IN THE WORLD, it is also one of the most played games.

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