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Welcome to Kiota Homestay

Kiota Homestaty is situated on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam but not too far from the city center either, hardly 10 minutes’ drive after the Julius Nyerere International Airport. This makes Kiota a convenient place for travelers who have enough time to relax before boarding their late flights, or travelers who would wish to have a quick shower and relax a bit after a long hour flight.

Kiota, a family home, that has a touch of an “old world African home” is surrounded by a jungle like trees scenery not commonly found in the City of Dar es Salaam, the lush gardens around the house make one feel as if in the middle of a real African jungle.

One can enjoy simple barbeque or traditional African food (Grand Ma’s African homemade meal) in the garden or around the oval shaped swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by exotic fruit trees like mbilimbi, coconut, mango, banana, paw paw, jackfruit, guava and a variety of palm trees like the famous Cuban palm, screw palm, Christmas palm, fern palm, wine palm and many more.

Also take pleasure in looking at various spices and herbs such as curry plant, ginger, cumin, lemon grasses… Quench your curiosity by exploring medicine plants like the famous aloe-vera plant, trees such as mwarobaini – trees that have leaves known to cure 40 types of diseases e.. malaria, fever, back-aches, stomach-aches, high blood pressure. Exotic trees such bougainvillea, flamboyant, frangipani, African tulip, jacaranda, green and golden bamboo to mention a few.

At night you may relax by the poolside in the hammock and simply enjoy the exciting and thrilling African moonlight. If you are coming in a small group and have a tent, there is a possibility of camping and enjoying the African jungle.